Yelena Davydova – HER STORY

Hi, my name is Dr. Yelena Davydova. I have been practicing medicine for about a decade now. It wasn’t easy getting here and many tried to discourage me, but here I am writing my bio for a Facebook page with other beautiful strong women who made it, to help encourage the younger generation of amazing potential to strive.

It all started when I was a teenager going to Forest Hills High School. I wasn’t sure what really inspired me yet, so I started going to additional classes to explore my interest. One class, at the time it was called Med Bio, took me by surprise and positively influenced me. I was sold. Wasn’t sure yet if I wanted to be a physician but still, my interest in science particularly in biology was great. So, I went further, I volunteered at Forest Hills Hospital, at that time I was on the Med/Surge floor starting off filing documents, following residents, and attending rounds, then I was allowed to communicate with patients.

One patient, in particular, made a very deep impression on me, He was a young Bukharian guy, unfortunately dying from a disease that was at that time uncurable. I remember walking into his room to ask him if he needed anything, and we ended up talking a little bit. As I was leaving, he was smiling with good energy in his eyes, that moment right there, made me feel like I am doing something good.

From the age of 16, I surrounded myself in the Medical Environment, no one from my immediate or extended family was in the medical field. Nevertheless, I encircled myself with great teachers that inspired me. The medical offices where I worked, the Hospitals where I volunteered, and the research work that I contributed to, all inspired me to do what I do now.

In college, I was exposed to different people, personalities, and just a whole new world. Even though it was hard, it was great. I stuck with similar-minded Bukharian and non-Bukharian people, and we supported each other. Most became something that they dreamed of.  It was a time of exploration and understanding, I did a lot of research. Strived to do great and get good scores so that I can get into medical school.

But to be honest with you, it was never easy. Many people discouraged me. Some straight-up interfered with my education. There were moments in my life when I believed that I would never be a physician. I did have a Detour after college, which luckily, temporarily derailed me.  I had to understand that people make mistakes, learn their lesson, move on, and continue to strive, I persevered. I went back on the track that I cut out for myself. Guess what? My detour experiences pushed me to move forward and overcome. It was an eye-opening experience, and I am grateful for it.

Medical School and Residency really pushed me to my limits, both good and bad. But I was fortunate enough to have teachers and guides and friends who taught me some seriously important lessons in my career and in life, that I am very grateful for. After all, these hardships and obstacles made me the person that I am today. They made me stronger, wiser, and resilient, and I love what I do.

Not all “bad” experiences are bad, sometimes they are good but wearing a “bad” mask. During these “bad” experiences the Almighty is testing you, asking you, and confirming if this is what you really want.  It is all up to you. Realizing your dreams is only in your hands.