Violetta Gavriyelov

Hi, I’m Violetta Gavriyelov, and I want to share my journey with you. When my family and I moved to the United States in 1991 for a better life, I was just 4 years old. Growing up, I took on the role of a second mom to my younger brother, who’s a decade younger than me. I’ve always adored children and been passionate about sports and fitness.
Adapting to a new country wasn’t easy, especially with the language barrier, and my immigrant parents had to work tirelessly to support us. But instead of letting these challenges hold me back, they fueled my determination to succeed.
My journey into education began at 15 when I started teaching dance in an afterschool program and later became an assistant director for a summer program. Working with children ignited a passion in me, leading me to pursue a career in education. After earning my master’s degree in early childhood and special education, I spent over 15 years as a teacher.
But I felt a calling for something more. After having three energetic boys of my own, I discovered a love for fitness and became a licensed personal trainer. Combining my passion for fitness with my background in education, I launched Gymtots during the Covid lockdown. From my basement studio, I offer personalized instruction for special needs children, ensuring they get the support they need.
I also organize fun obstacle courses for kids aged 3 to 9, blending fitness with play. My aim is to promote health and wellness in our community, encouraging physical activity, mindful eating, and overall wellbeing. In the future, I hope to expand and open a facility dedicated to comprehensive health education. For now, my studio is like a boutique, focusing on quality and passion over quantity.
I believe everyone has a unique talent, and it’s our duty to share it with the world. For me, Gymtots isn’t just a job – it’s my passion. And I’m grateful for the opportunity to make a difference every day.