Victoria Borukhova -Her story

I was 23 when my family and I came to New York, feeling ambitious and young. I studied at Queens College, while being a wife and a mother, busy with three children. With God’s help, I made it to the end.

How did I become a financial professional? Honestly, it wasn’t something I initially ever thought I’d be interested in.

Before coming to the USA, I was in my hometown (USSR) and recently graduated music college as a certified music teacher. After arriving to a new country and a compelled different life, we started trying to figure out how to survive.

I worked in many places and went to a few schools before realizing what I am looking for and what I truly enjoying doing.

13 years ago, I was very lucky to have had the opportunity in Prudential Insurance, working as Financial professional, where I currently still work.

The most important of my job for me is to to be able to help and guide others. There have been many situations I’ve came across where a client was sold an insurance products that were not in their best interest. I take pride in my fiduciary commitment and enjoy being able to provide clients trusted advice with financial strategies that are created specifically towards their needs and goals. I feel so happy and fulfilled when helping clients confidently pursue their short and long-term goals. Taking away their financial worry and stress.

Ultimately, helping clients work toward their financial independence enables me to build my career goals.