Tamar Iskhakov

I get the same question all the time: “Tamar, how do you do it? How do you manage several jobs, being a mom, and going to the gym so often?” It’s my history that shaped me into who I am. Arriving to America at 9 started a tough journey for me. I had to leave behind friends and family and learn a new language, starting with basic things like the ABCs in 3rd grade. That same year, my parents went through a rough patch and divorced. Adjusting to this new life was hard. After losing the custody battle, my father moved away, leaving my mother, brother, and me to manage on our own in a foreign country without any extended family or friends.
My mother, incredibly strong, took on three jobs to support us, which meant we had little time together. Despite feeling lonely, her hard work inspired me to aim for a better future. I decided that education was my way forward and set my sights on the medical field, determined to graduate with scholarships. I worked extremely hard to get good grades, knowing that my success depended on perseverance and dedication.
Facing judgment because of my parents’ divorce made me even more determined to prove people wrong. Instead of letting my past hold me back, I used it to strengthen my resolve. Without a safety net or family support, I pushed myself to succeed, gaining a unique view on parenthood and a strong drive to provide for my future family. I wanted a home filled with warmth, open communication, and active involvement—very different from my own upbringing.
Despite the challenges of growing up without a father figure and with poor communication in my family, I was determined to break the cycle. Meeting my husband was a turning point. We shared big dreams of overcoming our backgrounds and building a future with a large, loving family. Our shared vision pushed us to achieve more than we ever imagined.
Looking back at our journey, seeing our children play fills me with a deep sense of accomplishment. We have defied the odds, creating a loving home I once dreamed of but never had. Our story is a testament to resilience and the belief that we can rise above our circumstances to create a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones.
So, how do I manage to do it all? It’s simple—I prioritize. I make time for my kids, schedule gym sessions around my full-time work commitments.
As a family nurse practitioner and a graduate of NYU and Molloy, I specialize in primary care, GYN, and aesthetics. My focus is on enhancing beauty from the inside out. I firmly believe that by optimizing internal health, we can both feel and look our very best, enhancing our beauty from within.
My past has played a significant role in shaping who I am today. Instead of letting it define me, I took charge of my future. It didn’t hold me back; rather, it made me stronger and helped shape the person I am today.