Rachel Davidov – Her story

I was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. My family immigrated from former Soviet Union in 1993. Moving to USA was rough being a teenager. Went to high school, made good friends; with many of them still in contact. My sister and I had to work to help our parents with the expenses. Obtained cosmetology license after one year being in USA. My biggest inspiration in life is my mom. She is my mentor, my rock, my best friend. She always supports me in all decisions I make. I look up to her as her unconditional love and support never faids. I married young and had my older son when I was 20 years old. I got divorced when my older son was 3 years old.
Later went to college, while working two jobs. Being a single mom, a student with a full time job wasn’t easy, but my son gave me courage to move forward and my parents were always by my side. In fact, that experience made me stronger in many ways and later gave me a push to a career choice as a NYC police officer. As I was growing up, I frequently defended my twin sister, younger brother, and friends. I despise bulling and abuse since I was a kid. Years later, I met my second husband. He quickly fostered a unique bond with my older son, which continues to flourish. My husband is my biggest supporter. Thirteen years later G-d blessed us with the second boy , who is now 11 years old. This idea of finding a way to help people continued to take stronger shape so a few years ago I finally decided to apply to the police academy to become a New York City Police Officer. My resolve to help people, help the community to stay safe motivated me. It is important to get the message out that there is a way to stay away from abuse. My husband and parents supported me and were super proud of me. Our boys were proud of mommy accomplishing her dream. Upon graduation, I worked in Astoria, and the Bronx. Now I work in Brooklyn . I deal with a lot of crime, and domestic violence. I encourage women to stop the violence! Stop the abuse! Not to be afraid . There are many resources to keep people safe.