Olga Binyaminov-her story

Life isn’t always as we want it to be. It is full of challenges, surprises, bumps and turns. But yet, life is beautiful, and every moment alive is a divine gift to cherish. This is my moto and this is the belief by which I live my life. I would like to share my brief life story with you, as a proud Bukharian Jewish Woman.
As a proud teenager in Israel, I was selected to be in a special IDF unit. Although it was very uncommon for a bukharian girl to serve the army, I really wouldn’t consider any other option, and felt very proud to serve my country and show my love towards Israel. My mother was very supportive and agreed for me to join the Israeli army, and although I served far from home I was home 3 times a week and 3 weekends of a month. I served in the secret forces, and learned a great deal thoroughout the time. The IDF time served was the best time of my life. It taught me so much that words can never describe. It taught me responsibility, promptness, team work and love for others, dedication to the team. All my siblings served except my youngest brother, since my family moved to USA.
I immigrated to the USA at the age of 20, in 2003, after living in Israel for 12 years, and after completing my 2 years of service in the IDF. America was a dream come true, and despite of the many challenges, difficulties and hard times, I never gave up. I have achieved my goals, and continue to dream of bigger achievements. Everything is possible when you put your mind to it. And I had, and still have, my mind to it.
Coming to New York, all I wanted is to be part of the “American dream”. After very hard work, I have graduated college, and graduate school, as a biochemist. Being a student and a mother of one boy (at the time), it sure was not easy. But doable. Working, taking classes and managing household went by so fast, and within 3.5 years I had both my BA and MA as I graduated in 2009. I was immediately offered a job as a college professor, and have been doing it since. Teaching was, is, and always be, my passion. I absolutely love what I do, and do what I love. I also have been doing private and group tutoring for the past 15+ years, and love seeing my students advance in their academic career. Academic career was always one of a great importance to me. Although I have my undergraduate and graduate degrees, I continue advancing myself and have multiple certificates and professions, such as; notary, casualty insurance broker, translator and more. As long as I live I will learn.
Let’s not forget to mention my biggest achievement and pride – my 3 amazing children. I am a single mother of a teenager (Nathaniel), pre-teen (Liora) and a toddler (Adinah). With their big gaps in age, they are what makes me who I am today. Motherhood doesn’t come with license, and of course we learn as we go. When I had my son, I was so young, that I don’t think I realized or appreciated parenthood. And yet, I dedicated myself to him and all his needs. I promised myself to get high education and to become independent – and I have! I have learned to appreciate parenthood so much more when I had my second child, I was in my late 20s, and even more with my little one in my mid 30s. unfortunately, I had to raise my children alone, but I do that with a lot of love. My children are my everything. They are the reason to wake up in the morning, my sense of love and care, they are my everything. I invest everything in my kids. Nathaniel and Liora are playing piano since they are about 4, and always perform in concerts. They also danced ballroom dancing, until cover hit. Nathaniel graduated from Townsend Harris High School a year early. Liora, is very creative and loves doing arts. She is also amazing in math and does abacus math since age 5. She is a top student in Silverstein Hebrew Academy. Adinah is only 3, and already showing her many talents, including acting and preforming. She loves telling poems, and performs them with great passion.
Life is beautiful. Despite of the challenges we have in the way, we have to see the bright side of it. Thank you, Hashem, for the good and the bad, for the easy and the hard, for what I have and for what I don’t have.