Jenny Hafitz – her story

I wanted to write a brief bio to introduce myself, my background, and my journey. My name is Jenny Hafitz, I am Physician Associate, aesthetician, health and wellness coach. I immigrated to the US as a teenager when my family was forced to leave Tadjikistan after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our beautiful city of Dushanbe was torn apart by a traitorous civil war which compelled many Jewish people to seek asylum in the United States. We came to the US with nothing and had to work twice as hard for everything. I went to Forest Hills High School and eventually to St. John’s Universty to receive my Bachelors of Science to become a PA. I had to work full time as a student to pay for school and minimize the burden on my family. Life was tough but I knew I had to be tougher. I always found solace in surgery and It became my life. I became very knowledgeable and handy in all aspects of surgery. It’s just very satisfactory to be able to help patients and make a difference! My love to surgery grew so much that allowed me to release my stress and tension. Eventually aesthetics and wellness became my passion and I knew I had to share it with others. I’ve been in practice for over 21 years and never been doubtful about my career.