Esther Leviev – her story

The early years.

So much has changed in the past decade…Do you remember a time in your life that was the most hardest time you’ve ever had to go through? Perhaps you’re going through it now…
For me that was back in 2009, my life was turned upside down with the tragic loss of my brother followed by both my grandmothers within 4 months of his passing. All this happened while I was in the thick of PA School at York College and raising (trying to anyway) my 3 year old son while going through an emotional rollercoaster no one was prepared for.
I remember when I didn’t even want to get out of bed and just felt like giving up-my spirit was completely broken.
Very “uninspiring” to say the least.
I remember I wanted to quit school because I didn’t have the will to continue. It felt like the color was just sucked out of life.
If you can relate you’ll understand how hard it was to get back up when you’ve been thrown down by life’s unexpected turns.
I always believe it’s my loved ones and the kindness from others that helped me find my strength in those moments.
Somehow I graduated with honors that August and though I was still so broken inside, I just learned to take it moment by moment. One step at a time.
It’s the hardest moments of life that teaches you this:
You can do hard things. You can get back up again and fight for your joy in life.
I learned how to do things I never dreamed possible because I survived something I never thought possible either.
My favorite part of this whole story is that I learned how to drive, and not just drive- drive on highways!
Become your own inspiration.
My dear, your life is a beautiful photshoot that you will look back on and smile one day. Because in the darkest moments, you shined.