Diana Rachnaev-her story

I have my own story that motivates my very own journey toward breaking my shell and discovering my true spirit.
As a teen I struggled with my emotional state of well being. Not knowing where to turn to or whom I could reach out to. Stigma played a major role in hindering my mindset and healing my traumas.
Feeling embarrassed and ashamed , I decided I no longer wanted to walk this lonely path. I chose Me. I chose to pick myself up and start healing.
Healing wasn’t an easy journey, it had its many twists and turns.
What got me through my hurdles was a major shift I embarked on, my next journey in 2005. I found myself working with the MH and DD population.
It was helping others achieve their goals and desires through positive outcome measures , knowing that everyone and anyone deserves to have their voices heard.
My drive to finish and graduate MBA and Minor in Applied Psychology was a no brainer.
I choose to be an advocate for those in need , for those too embarrassed to speak up. I became their mouthpiece.
Upon all of my great work done and the daily heights achieved, I was put to a challenge In my time of professional growth, I endured a darkness on a personal level. Suffering in silence with infertility of nearly 6 years due to an ongoing battle with PCOS the road was bumpy with many obstacles.
Fast forward having been blessed with a boy and girl , in between overcoming cervical cancer, I was at a point that I felt unstoppable.
I felt blessed by G-d and carried out my mission.
Everyone has their struggles in life, it is through falling that one can attain greatness.
Embrace your story become one with it and let it serve to be your drive and motivate you
to achieve even greater heights. I opened Yesodot to help others by providing them the tools to empower themselves, as the tagline of the organization
” Today We Conquer Our Lives.”.
Don’t let the naysayers control your life, conquer it, take back that control; One of my personal quotes I live by ; ” We are all onions,we have to peel each layer to get to the core, to become a blooming onion.”